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Consultants Accreditation - NOSDRA


Updated January 2022 accredited consultants


(1) NOSDRA Accreditation certificate is the license required by prospective Environmental Consultants to carry out Environmental jobs in the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria.

(2) The Application platform for Accreditation is accessible all through the year.

(3) Application(s) must be duly completed and submitted online on https://nosdra.gov.ng/accreditation-forms/

(4) All required documents must be clearly scanned and uploaded to the portal in PDF or JPEG format.

(5) Applicants must ensure to provide functional telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail. Any subsequent change must be communicated to the Director-General Chief Executive, National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA).

(6) Verification of Remita payments of the sum of Twenty Thousand Naira (₦20,000.00) only for Accreditation processing fee and the Company CAC Registration status shall be done within 48hours of receipt and the Applicant will be contacted for further directives.

(7) The processing-time takes Eight (8) weeks from the date of submission of the form.

(8) The Accreditation certificate granted shall expire after a period of two years from the date of issuance.

(9) This process is subject to review (if need arises), without notice at the discretion of the Director General/Chief Executive of NOSDRA.


(i) Formal application letter specifying area(s) of interest addressed to the DG/CE of NOSDRA (*)
(ii) Company Profile (*)
(iii) Certificate of Incorporation (*)
(iv) A Certified true copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association with a minimum of One Million Naira share capital (*)
(v) Other company incorporation documents such as CAC Form 1.1 or CAC Forms CO2 and CO7
(vi) 3 years Current Tax Clearance Certificate (*)
(vii) Tax Identification Number (TIN) (*)
(viii) Evidence of Payment for Accreditation Form (₦20,000.00) (*)
(ix) Evidence of VAT Registration (*)
(x) Comprehensive Staff List & Curriculum Vitae of Key Staff (Should Include Position & Qualification, not less than four (4) Technical/key staff) (*)
(xi) Evidence of similar project/past work done including reference letters from at least two former clients indicating the nature/period of jobs done and capability
(xii) List of Equipment available in the company/ MOU/Lease Agreement (where applicable) (*)
(xiii) Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) Policy (Where applicable)
(xiv) Evidence of training program for the staff
(xv) Evidence of membership of professional bodies e.g. COREN, NES, ISPON, NISLT, IPAN, NIESV, etc. (*)
(xvi) Employee’s Compensation Scheme (Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund-NSITF)
(xvii) Employee’s Pension Scheme (PENCOM) (*)
(xviii) Evidence of collaboration/affiliation-partner’s agreement between indigenous/overseas based company or an evidence of legal arrangements (where applicable)
(xix) Evidence of collaboration with NOSDRA Accredited Oily Waste Treatment Service Provider (where applicable)
(xx) Possession of Industrial Training fund (ITF) certification is compulsory for Training services (*)
(xxi) All Memorandum of Understanding shall be signed, company sealed and confirmed before issuance of certificate (*)

Note: (*) – Mandatory supporting documents


All Remita payment and CAC Registration status of the Company shall be verified by the Agency within 48hours of receipt and Applicant will be contacted.


The Application process shall be done within Eight weeks after verification. However, The Agency may request for additional information when is necessary.


All applications submitted online will be subjected to further evaluation and screening by relevant departments in the Agency and assessed for their expertise competencies and proficiency.


Company who meet the Agency’s requirements and considered for Accreditation shall be contacted and notify to make a non-refundable Accreditation fee for the approved area(s) of specialization which is to be paid within a stipulated time.

On receipt of the evidence of payment, The Agency shall issue Accreditation certificate for the area paid for.

Please note that;

Accreditation Processing fee is Twenty Thousand Naira (₦20,000.00) only.

Accreditation Fee for each area of Specialization is variable.

NOSDRA will conduct inspection/assessment of facilities for all new applicants seeking Accreditation in the area of Environmental Laboratory Services and Oily Waste Handling and Management (Treatment) Services prior to consideration for the issuance of Accreditation Certificate.

All fees are subject to review by the Agency.

For accreditation, contact:

Telephone: 09134413549 || Email: accreditationdesk@nosdra.gov.ng