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Objectives - NOSDRA

The Objectives of the Agency shall be to co-ordinate and implement the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan (NOSCP) for Nigeria as follows:

(a) Establish a viable national operational organization that ensures a safe, timely, effective and appropriate response to major or disastrous oil pollution;

(b) Identify high-risk areas as well as priority areas for protection and clean up ;

(c) Establish the mechanism to monitor and assist or where expedient direct the response, including the capability to mobilize the necessary resources to save lives, protect threatened environment, and clean up to the best practical extent of the impacted site ;

(d) Maximize the effective use of the available facilities and resources of corporate bodies, their international connections and oil spill co-operatives, that is Clean Nigeria Associates (CNA) in implementing appropriate spill response;

(e) Ensure funding and appropriate and sufficient pre-positioned pollution combating equipment and materials, as well as functional communication network system required for effective response to major oil pollution;

(f) Provide a programme of activation, training and drill exercises to ensure readiness to oil pollution preparedness and response and the management and operational personnel ;

(g) Co-operate and provide advisory services, technical support and equipment for purposes of responding to major oil pollution incident in the West African sub­ region upon request by any neighbouring country, particularly where a part of the Nigerian territory may be threatened;

(h) Provide support for research and development (R&D) in the local development of methods, materials and equipment for oil spill detection and response ;

(i) Co-operate with the International Maritime Organization and other national, regional and international organizations in the promotion and exchange of results of research and development programme relating to the enhancement of the state­ of-the art of the oil pollution preparedness and response, including technologies, techniques for surveillance, containment, recovery, disposal and clean up to the best practical extent ;

(j) Establish agreements with neighbouring countries regarding the rapid movement of equipment, personnel and supplies into and out of the countries for emergency oil spill response activities ;

(k) Determine and preposition vital combat equipment at most strategic areas for rapid response ;

(l) Establish procedures by which the Nigerian Customs Service and the Nigerian Immigration Services shall ensure rapid importation of extra support response equipment and personnel ;

(m) Develop and implement an appropriate audit system for the entire plan;

(n) Carry out such other activities as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of its functions and the execution of the Plan under this Act.