The unit is responsible for checking of cash/vote books and other accounting records, monthly audit of safe contents register, submission of I/A Reports to DG/CE, Accountant General and Auditor General of the Federation, check bank reconciliation statements, endorse monthly transcripts, review of internal control system in place for Procurement.

They also perform pre auditing of salary payrolls against staff personal records, checking of allowances paid to NYSC/ Industrial attachees, quarterly audit of stores, checking of stores Ledgers and physical Stocks.


The acivities in this unit include procurement planning for the Agency as driven by need assessment, process, procurement activities that are beyond the approval limit of the DG/CE and present same to the Agency’s Tender board or Ministerial Tender Board (MTB) as the case may be for approval; implementation of capital component of the Agency’s  annual budget as approved by the Federal government.

They are in charge of preparing memoranda to PPC for approval and preparing the minute of meetings of the Procurement Planning Committee.


ICT/GIS is a unit under Director General's Office. The Unit supervises: Report writing, Preparation of the unit's budget, Training, program planing, Sales of map product ( soft & hard copies, Job allocation, Oil spill monitoring system access control, Gas flare traker access control, GIS server management, Data integration, Data migration, ESI map data set management, Oil spill monitor support services, Gas flare tracker monitoring, Oil spill trajectory modelling, Overlays/queries, Spatial analysis, Map production, ESI sales, Data capture, Data entry, Repair of GIS equipment, Report generation.

Other activities of the Unit include the management of incident command and control center facility systems, administration and deployment of necessary software including utilities. It also responsible for the management of all network topology, server and nodes excluding LAN.


The mission of the Public Affairs Unit (PAU) is to coordinate the relations of news media and serve as the center for information about all organizational units of the Agency.

The major functions of PAU are to:

• Ensure that the public is informed about the Agency's activities.

• Serve reporters assigned to the Agency by responding to queries, issuing news releases and statements, arranging interviews, and conducting news conferences.

• Advise the Director General and other Department officials on all aspects of media relations and communications issues.

• Ensure that information provided to the news media by the Agency is current, complete, and accurate.

• Prepare and issue all news releases for headquarter, and edit and approve some of those issued by zonal offices.