IMAN special taskforce proposes to work with NOSDRA
The Director-General of the Importers Association of Nigeria (IMAN) Special Taskforce, Hon. John Chijioke and some representatives, met with the Director-General, Mr. Idris Musa and some management staff of National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) on Wednesday, 10th July 2019 at NOSDRA Headquarters, Abuja, to present a proposal for outsourcing to help in tackling the degenerating waste management procedures for oily waste from ships and barges in the waterways. In his presentation, the Director General of IMAN Taskforce, Mr. Chijioke, spoke on the objectives, mission statement and strategies to be engaged by IMAN Taskforce in carrying out the project, as well as how they intend on working with NOSDRA. He went ahead to explain the amount of oily waste generated, waste storage, collection, treatment and disposal. To wrap up his presentation, he stated that the expected joint responsibilities of both organisations would include mutual respect for confidentialities. The Director-General of NOSDRA, Mr. Idris Musa, thanked the IMAN Taskforce for coming and for the presentation package. He, however, asked for clarifications on what IMAN Taskforce is about and their relation to waste management. In his response, Mr. Chijioke gave a brief history of IMAN Taskforce establishment in 2010, which resulted from allegations that importers were bringing in arms used against the country’s security. He explained that the taskforce checkmates the activities of importers and vandals and curbs the menace of importation, especially in the waterways. On how the taskforce relates with waste management, he added that oil imported also spills and this falls within the jurisdiction of the taskforce. Other NOSDRA representatives raised questions on the taskforce, which were duly addressed by Mr. Chijioke. Mr. Musa appreciated the representatives of IMAN Taskforce for coming. He assured them that NOSDRA is confident of the need to work with Nigerians to make sure that our national environment is in good shape and to ensure sustainable development for the future generation. He said NOSDRA will look into the official proposal and get back to them.