Just like how National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) partners with National Orientation Agency (NOA), Nigerian armed forces, amongst others, the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of NOSDRA, Mr Idris O. Musa, has taken a step further by expressing his readiness to collaborate with the Ecologistics Integrated Services Ltd. This was made known when the President of the firm, Dr Paul C. Abolo, with team members, paid a courtesy visit to NOSDRA on July 17, 2019 in Abuja.

Musa pointed out that paucity of funds had always been the bane of the Agency and this had been hindering a lot of activities that ought to be carried out. He said there was need for the government to have an Oil Spill Trust Fund, which should be set aside in case of any national emergency, if required, for immediate response.

He, however, stated that the sorry state of Nigerian environment had given the Agency serious concern, most especially in the Niger Delta region. In his words: “Although environment is a phenomenon that is not quite understood and most of its factors has caused severe climatic issues for people of this nation. They lose their lives, properties, crude oil , even their means of survival to some environmental issues or disasters, such as oil spills caused by illegal vandalism, artisanal refineries and oil theft. This challenge also affects plants, aquatic species and mangroves, thereby causing long-lasting damage to the environment”.

Speaking at the event, Dr Abolo said Ecologistic Integrated Services Ltd was a climate investment and sustainable development firm originated in New York, adding the company was deeply rooted in climate change actions and environmental sustainability. He also said that due to the state of Nigeria’s economy and security challenges, NOSDRA might be facing socio-economic problems, which can be solved, to some extent, if there was collaboration with his organisation.

Dr Abolo, while recalling the firm’s achievements, mentioned its contribution to sub-national entities, some governmental and non-governmental agencies and states/federal government in carrying out the responsibility of global climate change for sustainable development.

Similarly, looking at the operational functions of the Agency, he realised that Item No. 8 requires NOSDRA to mediate between the oil spiller and the impacted communities, which, in a way, stands as a huge relationship and social responsibility that is required from the Agency, so when a spill tends to occur, people do not understand the social and technical elements involved in such relationship.

According to Dr Abolo: “As a sustainable development counsel, the firm will help NOSDRA to create, recreate, develop and implement programmes or initiatives that will assure returns of sustainable investments”. Therefore, the firm has found a huge potential that lie in collaborating with the Agency.”

In furtherance of the benefits in the collaboration between the two parties, the President of Ecologistics Integrated Services noted that this will enhance noble support potentials for NOSDRA and will facilitate global collaboration. The collaboration will also make the Agency gain more recognition and credit for any implemented initiatives and approach newly introduced or that has been in existence. He said these potentials will also leverage on visibility creating good rapport with people and other organizations to help the Agency in accomplishing its mandate.