Office of the Director General/Chief Executive Officer

The Director General's Office has four operational units under it.

  • Building on Utility lines or corridors ( Sewer, Water, Telecommunication lines)
  • Encroachment on road/railway reservations and specific open places.
  • Structures that endangered general safety or are objectionable to the public or are redeemable for overriding public use and interest, or
  • Structures that the Minister deems unsuitable in any location and for any purpose including illegally occupied land and squatters settlements.

Meet the Director General:

These are violation, whose scope and severity are such that the city can accommodate,subject to adjustment or function or payment of penalties. The structures are not hazardous to people or the environment. The definition of what constitute a conforming violation is discretionary to the Minister, taking due consideration of the provision of the Abuja Master Plan. Examples of such violation are:

  • Change of purpose clause say from residential to commercial or vice versa.
  • Minor building code violation such as extension of building.
  • Unauthorized erection of structures, which would normally have met the Development Control requirements.

In such cases of violation, charges will be imposed until such violations are removed, rectified, or
conformity achieved.

Condoned Violations:

These are violations that are neither adverse nor objectionable to the public and city aesthetics and functioning. They must comply with FCT Development control guidelines and standards. Examples are landscaping, trees capping and greening.

Other Violations:

These include the cutting of roadways, constructions of septic tanks, sinking of boreholes, building of roads pavements, erecting overhead power and communication lines. These violations will be referred to Development Control Department of FCDA for necessary action, on a case-by-case basis.

Subsequent/Retained Change of Purpose:

Where a title-holder or tenant retains the change of land use for which the payment of violation charges for the accrued years has been made, or if the title-holder or his tenant effects a subsequent change of purpose, the annual penalty and violation charges to be published will continue to apply, until reversed.

Fast-Tracking the certification Process:

We intend to hire between 30 and 50 firms of land surveyors, estate surveyors and valuers, and quantity surveyors to prepare cadastral surveys and property valuations rapidly for the purpose of assessing ground rents, land use charges and other violations. We estimate that about 50,000 C of Os will be involved in phases I, II and III of the Federal Capital City in the first instance.

Non-compliance with certification/re-issuance programme:

Any title - holder who fails to certify his offer or Right of Occupancy, or get it re-issued as appropriate within the time period, will be deemed to be holding a forgery, and the land in question re-possessed by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory FCT.