The core mandate of the Department is to facilitate the formulation and implementation of efficient administrative and financial planning practices and procedures for optimal performance.

The responsibilities of this departments include recruiting, promotion of all eligible officers in the Agency, Maintenance, supervision & payment of all utilities services- securities, cleaning etc. They help in the formulation of new staff welfare policies/ scheme of service of the Agency & conditions of service. They oversee the payment of subventions to zonal offices, confirmation of eligible staff during the year, personnel auditing of staff at the zonal offices and posting/redeployment of staff to various zonal offices including Headquarters.


The department is responsible for inventorization of oil spill incident, review of community/public complaints, evaluation of and review of scientific laboratory analysis of samples, monitoring of clean-up and remediation activities, certification of remediated oil impacted sites.

They help in environmental compliance concern monitoring, review and evaluation of activities of the zonal offices of the Agency and HSE meetings and reviews for the Agency.


The responsiblities of this department include budget planning, budget monitoring and evaluation, liaising with National Assembly/Budget Office of the Federation/National Planning Commission. They are involved in coordination of matters on MTSS, Vision 20:2020, NEEDS, MDGs, National Development Plan, Gender Issues etc. They monitor and evaluate projects/programmes and also the coordination of inter-departmental matters on performance monitoring.


Their responsibilities include Conducting research on field operations, Liaising with institutions of higher learning, consultants and other organizations on research findings and development, Researching grant solicitation, sourcing and administration, Collating statistical data & interpretation (oil spill data bank)

Library & Documentation Services

Their responsibilities include acquisition of books, journals and other relevant literature on oil spill management, documentation and archiving of research findings for future reference and publication of newsletters etc

Laboratory Services

They are responsible for laboratory inspection and related matters, analysis of field samples, and testing & registration of oil spill cleanup products (including dispersants)

Coordination of all technical presentations (in collaboration with relevant units & departments, where necessary)

Internal/Inter-Governmental Relations

They are in charge of accreditation of environmental consultants, organize awareness programmes/campaigns for World Environment Day (WED), African Environment Day (AED) and other relevant celebrations and linkage with other relevant Federal & State MDAs, tertiary institutions, environmental organizations, NGOs, private sector, industry, contractors, consultants etc.

International Relations

The are responsible for managing bilateral relations and multilateral relations.

Policy Analysis

Their responsibilities include national council on environment, Government policy analysis & review, development of Environmental Guidelines/Regulations, National Oil Spill Contingency Plan Review and National Dispersant  Use Policy


The are responsible for the compilation of monthly/quarterly/annual reports of the department & Agency, Handing over notes, HM (FMEnv)/DG’s speeches.

Capacity building/Manpower development (Technical)
Organization of Technical Meetings/Conferences/Seminars/Workshops


This department is responsible for identifying legal problems and as well as proffering solutions to avoid legal pitfalls, ascertaining the status of companies carrying out transactions with the Agency to avoid dealing with a non-juristic person.

They are in charge of defending and instituting cases on behalf of the Agency at various courts in Nigeria and are also responsible for drafting several Agreements and MOUs between the Agency and its consultants.


The Asset Safety & Mitigation (ASM) Department was created on the 22nd June, 2011 following the restructuring of the Agency. It comprises of three units namely Facility Asset Monitoring (FAM); Facility Operations and Monitoring (FOM); and Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis (RAHA) in order to perform series of activities like inventory/audit of oil spill response facilities, floating production storage, off load/deck and flow, station clean-up permit, dispersants’ permit, oil tank farms facility monitoring, activation of OSCP and spill drill exercises and pipeline integrity monitoring.